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C{OM}MUNITY Sound w/Jeremy Dalton

Join us for our monthly Soundbath hosted by Yellow Mat! Experience the benefit of quartz crystal bowls tuned to tones that help relax and restore the body and mind. Melt away stress and tension with this 'bath' of sound vibrations.

Ok, is this a real bath?

Yes, but not with water. A sound bath is a relaxation technique and meditative experience whereby participants ‘bathe’ in the sound waves produced by the human voice as well as instruments such as chimes, gongs, drums and singing bowls.

What are the benefits?

“Sound baths create the space and conditions for healing to occur on many levels. The sound stimulates our circulation and immune system, cleanses our energy meridians, and helps to release emotions stored in our body like anger, stress and trauma. Sound also balances both hemispheres of our brain, promoting deep relaxation.” - Puranshant Kaur, Yoga Teacher + Soundbath Facilitator