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Kemetic Yoga w/Ona Hawk

The influence of ancient Africa on what we know as yoga today is worthy of our recognition and observation. The history of yoga also is not everything, but when it is true and whole and informs us of where our practice originates from, we have the opportunity to grow into deeper understanding of yoga's meaning and purpose.

Kemetic Yoga offers us a way back to the roots of yoga, before it was yoga. It is a way to reclaim the history that has been twisted or buried, and to regain the connection with your great ancestors. This self-healing system does not belong to anyone, it is like the spirit, the water and the wind that can't be contained or owned. All bodies, all belief systems, and all backgrounds are invited to learn together here. All that it takes is you being present and open to the self-mastery that comes through mindful study and practice.

Learn more about how this ancient wisdom can enhance your practice with Ona Hawk on September 18th at Yellow Mat Wellness.

Earlier Event: September 16
Later Event: September 18
Support + Steep w/Akiko Denise