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The Anatomy & Biomechanics of Yoga: A Talk w/ Dr. Leda McDaniel

More about this Lecture by Dr. Leda McDaniel, Physical Therapist and Yogi:

“Yin and Yang” complement of Stability (Strength) & Mobility (Flexibility):

  • Mobility:

    • What is “functional mobility”?

    • Learn about the mobility capacity at different joints

    • Learn ways to improve your mobility/flexibility

    • Learn about how lack of mobility or too much mobility can affect your yoga practice and daily movement

  • Stability:

    • Learn about positions of stability

    • Learn about muscle strength and stability

    • Learn about nervous system contributions to stability.

Enhance your physical awareness and learn a more mindful way of moving on and off your mat.

Interested in Learning MORE -- This is an intro lecture to Dr. McDaniel

This event is $10 bucks for guests | Complimentary for Yellow Mat Collective Members (Want this class free? Learn how to join the Collective)