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Emotional Athleticism w/ Umang Dave

Learning to navigate, feel, express, and receive emotions is not so different from learning to pump heavy weights or hold a difficult yoga pose.

In today's culture, Men tend to have been conditioned to shun their emotions and have been discouraged from expressing their true feelings. This can lead to challenges in our work and personal relationships, but also be a signal of deeper mental and emotional blocks that need to be addressed. 

Join Umang Dave, personal coach and relationship expert for this 1-hour talk. This is a special preview leading up to Yellow Mat's "Day of The Dude" Mindful Masculinity Workshop where you'll learn:

> How to mindfully access and build greater awareness of your deeper feelings, intuition, and emotional operation system beneath the surface labels/roles/social norms

> Break Free from the conditioning that can hinder you from being able to feel, connect with, and change your relationships from a place of empathy, compassion, love, and service

> Cultivate various relationship skills to create greater intimacy and navigate challenging spots with humor and curiosity

> Get more focused on your purpose and create greater meaning in your life.

This talk is FREE and participants will receive a link to join 24 hours before the call. 

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