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ConsciousTouch Massage Therapy Workshop (Level 1) w/Umang Dave

  • Yellow Mat Yoga 409 Mead Rd. #4 Decatur United States (map)

Have you ever felt your friends, family, or partner stressed and suffering from pain, exhaustion, injury, grief, or other personal issue that is causing unease, and wish you could help them, but feel lost as to how?

Or, have you been in a situation where you've had one of those days, and could REALLY use a massage, but don't have $$ to get a professional massage every week?

Learning to give and receive supportive, connective, relaxing, healing, pleasurable touch is a skill that is invaluable in creating greater connection and intimacy, and a feeling of love and support in all your relationships.

Learn the art of ConsciousTouch to create intimacy and heartfelt connection from Professional Relationship Coach and Professional Massage Therapist Umang Dave.

In this Level 1 workshop, we focus on FEEL OVER FORMULA:

  • Through playful connection games, practice making offers to give and receive touch in a way that leads to comfort, connection, and deeper intimacy with anyone

  • Learn and experiment with dozens of touch dimensions to create different energetic "flavors" in both the giver and receiver, and discover what kind of touch you most enjoy

  • Learn specific techniques to give head, neck, shoulder, hand, and foot massage to your partner

  • Learn powerful mindfulness and breathing techniques to enhance the massage experience for both giver and receiver

  • Through positive feedback from multiple receivers, hone your quality of touch and your intuition to sense and adapt to your parters' preference

  • Learn advanced professional techniques to prevent injury, discomfort, or exhaustion while giving, so both giving and receiving is pleasurable and rejuvenating

This workshop is geared toward partnered giving and receiving touch. Individuals, pairs, or groups welcome. We will match you with a partner if you don't have one or there are an uneven number of people.


  • Relaxed comfortable clothing - you may want to layer so that you can have your arms free, and to account for your temperature preference.


  • Light snacks will be provided, but it is suggested you come full :)

  • Yoga mats will be provided, but you may also want to bring a pillow and/or blanket to make yourself more comfortable on the floor


  • Parking is available on the street


We value all attendees feeling safe, respected, heard, and free to be themselves. In order to make it an awesome experience for everyone, we will enforce certain guidelines:

1) Every attendee will have the opportunity to state boundaries and preferences, and will be encouraged to practice active consent in order to take care of themselves - that is, at any time, choose to opt out of any portion of the workshop without needing to explain themselves.

2) There is no nudity or sexual touch in this workshop. No exceptions.